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Questions To Ask Regarding Safety & Privacy When Working On A Toileting Goal At School

As was mentioned in scenario 3 where the student was embarrassed to have the stall door open while other classmates were entering the restroom. The aide could not close the door because she had to ensure his safety. Safety and Privacy can be a difficult balance to strike but by asking the right questions ahead of time you may be able to proactively explore some great options. Here is a sample list for your upcoming meeting.


Safety questions

  1. What are the protocols for managing accidents?

  2. When is protective equipment (gloves) worn?

  3. How will the staff ensure safety and cleanliness before during and after the student uses the restroom?

  4. Will the staff person inspect that the toilet has been flushed, is clean and place a cover on the toilet before the student uses?

  5. How will the staff protect the student from infection if they need to assist with cleaning the student or managing an accident? Do they wear gloves or other protective clothing?


Privacy questions

  1. How will the assigned staff person be discreetly notified each time the student requests to use the restroom?

  2. Is there a discrete way the student can notify staff that they need to use the restroom?

  3. When-will the student be able to use the restroom? Will it be on an as needed basis or only at certain times? (Needs to be documented on IEP or 504).

  4. If the student is non-verbal how frequently will the student be able to use the restroom?

  5. How will the staff person preserve the privacy and modesty of the student while keeping them safe?

  6. Where is the designated bathroom the student will use?

  7. Is there an option to use a private single restroom?

  8. If it is not an option, then how can privacy be honored especially if other students are entering at the same time?

  9. If the student is hiding in a corner to have a bowel movement what strategies can be implemented to protect their privacy and transition to the restroom?

  10. How will accidents occurring while in the classroom, school bus, field trip, gym class or other place where the student is with their peers be handled? Is there a policy or protocol all staff will follow and not just the assigned staff person?

  11. How will the individuals privacy be protected in these circumstances?


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