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Questions Parents Should Ask At Their Child's IEP or 504 Plan Meeting

It is important to have information regarding who the assigned staff will be that will be assisting your child to achieve their toileting goals. Here is a sample list of questions to consider asking at your upcoming meeting.


Questions regarding the staff that will be assigned to assist your child.

  1. Who will implement the plan?

  2. What is the staff person’s gender and how important is this?

  3. Who will be the backup if the assigned staff person is not available and will you the parent be given advance notice?

  4. How is the goal implemented? Is 1 person in charge or is it a 2-person team?

  5. If it will be a 2-person team will the staff alternate and what will that schedule be?

  6. How much time will be allotted for each time the student is taken to the bathroom? This is an important question because some individuals may need more time due to the nature of their disability not to mention that no one likes to feel rushed.

  7. What training do the staff have in working with younger or older children?

  8. How much experience does the assigned individual have assisting students with the entire toileting, wiping, and dressing process?

  9. Who will monitor that there are enough supplies of wipes, soap clothing, underwear, or pullups?

  10. How much notice will be given to replace supplies and medication? Typically, 7-10days notice gives the parent a chance to get everything together.


Typically, paraprofessionals, aides and nurses do not attend IEP or 504 meetings. Consider requesting that the assigned staff person(s) attend future meetings to provide their input on progress and setbacks.

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